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Deputy Chief of Police Woodbridge, CT
The Town of Woodbridge, Connecticut is seeking experienced candidates for the position of Deputy Chief of Police.

The Town has a duly appointed Police Commission, which possesses the power of appointment, promotion and removal of police officers.

This is a highly responsible administrative and supervisory position performing specialized police services/work in assisting the Chief of Police in directing the operations, activities, and functions of the Department. Subject to the direction and control of the Chief of Police, the Deputy Chief will be recognized and serve as the second-in-command of the Department. In the Chief’s absence, the Deputy Chief will assume the power, authority, responsibilities and command of the Chief of Police. This position requires 24-hour-a-day emergency availability. The Deputy Chief is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Department, is responsible for the direction, control and supervision of all officers and employees, and is directly responsible for their efficiency and effectiveness as members of the Department.
The Deputy Chief performs administrative management and efficient preparation of staffing schedules and ensures that all personnel remain certified and trained in accordance with POSTC and other required mandates. The Deputy Chief commands all Department Divisions and through the assigned supervisors is responsible for ensuring the effective utilization, response and performance of each.

The Deputy Chief of Police oversees and ensures the professional, efficient, effective operations of all supervisors and their assigned subordinates. Directs police activities during all major crimes, emergencies, significant incidents, and severe weather events. Plans the utilization of personnel according to current Department needs; coordinates, supervises and evaluates the activities of specialized units, conducts routine staff meetings to review activities; reviews daily reports and directs necessary revisions and follow-up investigations. Conducts routine inspections of field operations; coordinates emergency planning and staffing of special events; maintains professional liaisons with other law enforcement agencies; ensures discipline and compliance with the CT General Statutes, laws, ordinances, policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and General Orders of the Department. The Deputy Chief deals effectively with all Department personnel and ensures compliance and/or discipline, as appropriate, for any violations of Department standards. Assists the Chief of Police with general administration, direction and control of all Department
personnel and functions; prepares and submits written or oral reports, strives to improve working conditions and effectiveness for maximum efficiency. The Deputy Chief confers with the Chief of Police in the development of appropriate policies and procedures; monitors and works to improve Department morale; performs managerial, administrative, operations-related work as assigned; initiates and conducts internal affairs investigations and recommends appropriate discipline. Performs needs assessments, feasibility studies, performs grant research for new programs or projects; assists with authorizing and monitoring Departmental expenditures and assists in preparation of the budgets as necessary, or as assigned by the Chief of Police. Routinely participates in required meetings, special events and performs other duties and responsibilities related to those enumerated above, which at times are outside of, and in addition to, the normal work week. The Deputy Chief ensures the unified direction of the Chief’s policies and directives and oversees the efficient rendering of police services.

Must possess widespread knowledge of the Connecticut General Statutes and applicable state and federal employment laws necessary to perform the duties of the Deputy Chief of Police; must maintain a considerable knowledge of the principals of supervision, organization and administrative functions; must possess the ability to plan, organize and supervise the work function of supervisors and subordinates; the ability to control and monitor financial or budgetary matters as assigned; develop proper training and instructional procedures for Department employees; must be capable of maintaining a high level of Department effectiveness, morale and productivity while evaluating and coordinating the needs of the community served and adopting to ever changing conditions. Must possess the ability to effectively communicate with employees, town officials, officials in state and federal organizations and maintain a harmonious relationship with all concerned. Must maintain the ability to express oneself clearly and communicate efficiently, both orally and in writing.

Must be a certified law enforcement officer in the State of Connecticut, pursuant to the regulations promulgated by the Police Officers Standards and Training Council. A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university is preferred and extensive law enforcement experience with at least a minimum of five (5) consecutive years of demonstrative supervisory ability however, years of professional experience in conjunction with specialized training may be considered. Except for police certification from POSTC, the Woodbridge Police Commission reserves the right to substitute other experience or qualifications in lieu of any of the above listed criteria. Current members of the Woodbridge Police Department are encouraged to apply.

Compensation is commensurate with qualifications.
Interested applicants must submit a current detailed resume and a letter of interest to the attention of the Woodbridge Board of Police Commissioners via email by no later than 4:00 p.m. on March 1, 2021.


Janice Innocenzi Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police