Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

Environmental Protection Seasonal Patrol Officers

The application link is the same for the sworn positions and the new ranger position described below here:

The following message was shared with criminal justice programs throughout the state for recruitment of Non-sworn seasonal patrol rangers.  

"As the Training Supervisor for the Connecticut State Environmental Police Department I’d like to share information about our upcoming Ranger Program and a bit about our job and responsibilities here in CT. As you may know the duties of an CT Encon officer are unique and varied. With approximately 50 officers we enforce all Boating, Hunting, and Fishing laws in the state, as well as any criminal violations that occur in our state parks and forests. We also have a marine district unit that enforces commercial fishing laws, conducts patrols with the US Coast Guard on joint security patrols, works with neighboring state officers and the US Fish and Wildlife on protecting marine mammal species etc. We also investigate all boating accidents, drownings and hunting related shooting incidents in the state.  

The last few years have seen a tremendous increase in our park patrons, and the recent Covid issues have stressed our park capacities even more. For example, prior to Covid, It was not unusual to have 15,000 to 20,000 persons at Hammonasset State Park on a summer weekend.  As such, our calls for service have increased substantially. 

Here at the CT Encon Police we are reinventing a program that was in place in the 1980s and 90s; what we are calling our Ranger Program. In conjunction with the Connecticut Police Academy, the Commissioner of the Department of Emergency services and Public Protection, and our Commissioner here at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection we developed a 120 hour training academy that will prepare seasonal hires to assist our full-time staff in some of our major parks. We are taking applications for the program and once the paid training is completed the Rangers will be assigned to one of our larger shoreline parks; e.g. Rocky Neck, Hammonasset, Silver Sands and Sherwood Island. The Rangers will work under full time Encon officers and act as our eyes and ears, as well as spokespersons to educate park patrons regarding the safety and well-being at beaches and campgrounds. Our ideal candidate will be someone with a desire to enter into a Law Enforcement career that is willing to work outdoors, has excellent communications skills with the ability to diffuse and deescalate a heated situation, is punctual with good work record, conduct traffic details, work well with others to be part of a team, and be empathetic and understanding of the diverse constituents who come to our parks.  

Pay starts at $15 per hour with the ability to increase when/if the Ranger returns for subsequent seasons. We envision this program to not only assist us in our park’s responsibilities but a stepping stone for future officers that go on to pursue a fulltime career with either ourselves or another department, subsequently building and strengthening not only the bond between LE agencies but with the public as well.  

I’ve included a link to our website to learn more about our specialized units and duties. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my desk 860-424-3446 or my cell phone 860-209-4443. 

Thank you, 

Sergeant Steven Stanko"