Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

2023 Carl Moller Scholarship Program

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FROM:            Pamela D. Hayes, CPF Executive Director

RE:                  2023 Carl Moller Scholarship Program 

At the June 2023 Annual Meeting, the Connecticut Police Foundation will award $1,000 college scholarships to five deserving high school students in Connecticut who want to pursue a career in law enforcement. 

We would like you to participate actively in the process of selecting the winners. We are asking you to:

  1.  Announce the scholarship program in your police department and in your school district.
  2. Post details of the scholarship program on your department or school bulletin board or email to members of your department. The information can be downloaded from the CPCA website,
  3. Police Chiefs - Collect, review, and evaluate scholarship applications from the students in your town, evaluate them, and recommend the most deserving applicants from your jurisdiction.
  4. Forward the application you select to the Awards Committee by April 1, 2023 for final determination of the 2023 scholarship winners by the Connecticut Police Foundation Carl Moller Scholarship Committee.

    In recommending high school students from your jurisdiction you should consider financial need and the candidate's dedication to a career in law enforcement. Applications cannot be accepted without the written recommendation of the Police Chief in the town where the student lives or attends high school.

To provide general information about the scholarship for you we are attaching general information, an application form, and a financial aid form. Please duplicate these forms to make them available to interested students.

Remember: The application of your nominee with your recommendation and signature must be submitted before April 1, 2023. Thank you for your help.