Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

Bills which failed but may likely be voted on in the special session

CT S 1109     INTRODUCER:  Joint Judiciary
              TITLE:       Excessive Use Of Force
              INTRODUCED:  03/13/2015
              LAST AMEND:  06/01/2015
              DISPOSITION: Failed - Adjourned
              LOCATION:    HOUSE
Requires each police basic or review training program conducted or administered by the Division of State Police within the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection, the Police Officer Standards and Training Council or a municipal police department shall include tactical training for police officers regarding the use of deadly force, training in the use of body-worn recording equipment and the retention of records created by such equipment, and cultural competency and sensitivity training.
              06/01/2015   SENATE adopted SENATE Amendment Schedule B 9140.
              06/01/2015   Passed SENATE.  *****To HOUSE. (36-0)
              06/02/2015   HOUSE Calendar No. 685.
CT S 952      INTRODUCER:  Looney (D)
              TITLE:       Second Chance Society
              INTRODUCED:  02/19/2015
              LAST AMEND:  06/02/2015
              DISPOSITION: Failed - Adjourned
              LOCATION:    SENATE
              Concerns a second chance society; implements Governor's
              recommendations; relates to credit earned; relates to parole
              board; relates to overdose liability; relates to controlled
              06/02/2015   SENATE adopted SENATE Amendment Schedule A 9318.
              06/02/2015   Passed SENATE.  *****To HOUSE. (22-14)
              06/02/2015   HOUSE Calendar No. 688.
              06/03/2015   Passed HOUSE temporarily.