Connecticut Police Chiefs Association

CPCA 2024 Quarterly Meeting

Published April 24, 2024

CPCA 2024 Public Safety Expo

The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association 2024 Public Safety Expo, was met with resounding success. Held on April 18, the event featured a sold-out exhibit hall, highlighting the strong interest and engagement from attendees.

Attorney Elliot Spector

The training session "Hot Topics in Police Law and Litigations" led by Attorney Elliot Spector, garnered positive feedback from all participants. The session, focusing on Recent Legal Developments That Increase Liability Risks, provided valuable insights into various legal challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.

Attorney Spector covered a range of topics, including motor vehicle liability, racial profiling, qualified immunity, false arrest, wrongful conviction, alleged excessive force, and failure to intervene. His presentation offered a comprehensive overview of these issues, highlighting recent legal developments and their implications for law enforcement practices.

The Hot Topics in Police Law and Litigation Session was sponsored by Mutualink, a leading provider of interoperable communications solutions for public safety organizations. Their support contributed to the overall success of the event.

The event welcomed Active Chiefs, Superintendents of Schools, Town Managers, Mayors, Purchasing Agents, Chairman of the Town Council and industry experts. The Attendees expressed satisfaction with the Expo, praising its informative training, networking opportunities, and the range of exhibitors present.

The Connecticut Police Chiefs Association 2024 Quarterly Meeting, enhanced the event's value, allowing for meaningful discussions and collaboration among attendees.