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Published May 16, 2024

Connecticut Police Chiefs Association Launches “Breaking Barriers” Initiative to Enhance Communication Between Law Enforcement and the Driving Public

NEWINGTON, CT – May 16, 2024 ,” aimed at fostering improved communication and understanding between law enforcement officers and the driving public. This initiative, which began in 2017 with initial elements, has recently received a significant boost with a grant from the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT.

The centerpiece of this initiative is a series of educational videos designed to inform motorists, particularly newer drivers, about what to expect during a traffic stop. Recognizing the prevalent questions and concerns surrounding traffic stop procedures, the CPCA, in collaboration with the CTDOT, has developed two comprehensive videos in both English and The first video, a demonstration simulation narrated by the driver, provides viewers with a clear understanding of what to expect during a traffic stop and how to respond appropriately. This video can be viewed  in english or spanish at (english) or traffic stop video spanish translation (espanol).

The second video takes an “Ask Me Anything” approach, featuring candid one-on-one discussions between a diverse group of officers and drivers, addressing pressing questions and concerns. This insightful video can be accessed at (english) or testimonial video in espanol

“These videos serve as invaluable resources not only for the driving public but also for our new officers undergoing training at the Academy,” stated Watertown Chief of Police Josh Bernegger, who serves as Chairman of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association Traffic Safety Committee. “By promoting transparency and understanding, we aim to create safer interactions between law enforcement and the community.”

“We’re proud to fund a first-time grant program that will allow CPCA to work directly with young drivers with the new Breaking Barriers program,” said Connecticut Department of Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto. “I am thankful for the partnerships with CPCA and the Connecticut DMV that helped launch this important program. We are all working together to keep our communities and one other safe.”

In addition to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) is pleased to have the support of the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (CTDMV) in this vital endeavor. CTDMV will be communicating with driving schools and sharing the videos as a resource for their classes.  Together, these organizations are committed to enhancing public safety and fostering positive relationships between law enforcement and the community.

“These videos are helpful learning tools for drivers, especially younger drivers, to gain an understanding of what can be expected during a traffic stop,” said Connecticut DMV Commissioner Tony Guerrera. “CTDMV encourages driving schools to incorporate them into their curriculum.”

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